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Subject: Falling in Love with a Stranger Part 3CHAPTER 3 - THE "DATE"I darted as fast as I could out of history class and got my stuff from my
locker. I closed my locker door and turned around and grinning behind my
locker door was Philip. I freaked out and dropped what was in my hands."You dickhead, you scared the shit out lolita network model teen of me," I said as I bent over to
pick up my books."I'll walk you over to the pool and you can watch me change..." he said
seriously. I had a confused look on my face up to that point. Then he
finished, "so you can start drooling and blushing again." He started
cracking up.I smacked him in the back of the head, "oh, screw you, I'm going home." I
pretended to turn around and he grabbed my arm."C'mon, I was kidding," he was serious now as he stared at me with his
beautiful blue eyes. Suddenly, he swept me into his arms and started
hugging me. "I LOVE YA MAN!" he screamed jokingly. It may have all been a
joke and it was in the middle of school and I was suddenly very self
conscious of what he was doing. But I sure didn't want him to let go.I screamed, "GOD, you are annoying the hell out of me..." and whispered,
"and I love it."He rubbed his arm and we walked over to the pool side by side. He walked me
up to the stands and headed over to the locker room. The next thing I know,
he's standing next to the pool in grey and blue swim trunks. I was actually
happy he wasn't wearing something like a speedo because then, I wouldn't
have stopped laughing. I don't understand why people make them out to be so
sexy, they disgust me like hell. He looked so cute standing there making
faces at me in his trunks, it reminded me of a little kid. Except, I don't
think I was noticing his swim wear as I was distracted by his washboard
stomach and rockhard abs. I was swooning over the light blond hairs that
lead from his navel into his trunks. Obviously, that was another one of my
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I think I was starting to drool again, when he looked up at me,
licked his finger, put it on his butt, and made a sizzling noise. I made a
disgusted face and watched him jump into the pool and warm up. I swear, I
think I started blushing again...He was a really good swimmer, he moved through the water with the grace and
speed of a sea creature. The most enjoyable part of watching him though was
just lolita network model teen watching him without having to avert my eyes every so often. I sat
there for about an hour, but I didn't even notice it, when he surfaced and
smiled to me and swam over to the coach. He said something and the coach
agreed and he got out of the water. He went back into the locker room and a
few minutes later, appeared by my side, smelling of shampoo."I'm good aren't I?" he said very confidently."You sucked," I said with an evil laugh.He made a sad face and I announced that I was kidding. I told him honestly
how good a swimmer he was and he made a cute grin, which in turn, made me
grin."You ready to go now?""Yup," I said enthusiastically.We headed to "the Tempura House," a Japanese restaurant a few blocks from
school. We had some dinner and afterward, he paid for my portion. I was
shocked, another boy has never paid for anything of mine before. I told him
that "I would spot him next time," and he just smiled and nodded in a
sarcastic manner. I said, "fine, you can pay for me everytime we do
something.""Sure, whatever," he said seriously."I am kidding, retard, I have my own money too. But seriously, I will spot
you next time," I said with determination. Then, we walked hot 15yr old lolita around some
more, deciding it was not time to go home yet. I just wanted to stay with
him all night long, so we walked around the neighborhood for a while.I looked at my watch and it was already "6:50pm." I admitted to myself that
it was getting late and we decided to go home. He had to go home one way
and I, the other. I walked no more than two steps when I turned around and
asked, "hey, Philip, you wanna just hang out at my house and go home
later?"He turned around and smiled, "sure."So, we both walked back towards my house. I was getting cold and out of the
blue, he covered me in his jacket. It had his scent on it and I was loving
it. I looked at him and said, "you're the best friend I've ever had. I know
this sounds hella stupid, but it's like you've known me forever.""It's not stupid, it's kinda sweet. I feel the same way about you,
Eugene. Hanging out with you is the most fun I've had. I can be myself
around you," he said. It was almost as corny as what I had spewed, but I
was grinning hearing him say it.All of a sudden, he stopped and I asked what was wrong?He started looking nervous and said, "Well, I want...I need to tell you
something."I gave a curious look, "what?""Well, I said I could be myself around you and I think you should know
that...that...ummm..."he started looking at the floor and stuttering.
"Ummm...don't get scared or anything, but I like you. I mean not just like
a friend, I really liked being with you today, a lot."I was beaming as I asked him with a smile, "you mean you like me as in
boyfriend like me?""Are you asking me if I wanna be your boyfriend?" he had calmed down and
started grinning mischievously."Maybe," I smiled, got brave and put my hand on his arm."Here's my answer," he looked into my eyes, wrapped his arms around my
waist, pull me closer to him, and gave me a long and gentle kiss on the
lips. I can't remember how long it was, but lolita young bbs elite I stopped breathing for a long
time. It was my first kiss and it was undescribable. His lips were so soft
and sweet and his breath was comforting and warm. His touch sent wonderful
sensations all through my body, I was in bliss. When we finally broke the
kiss, I was gasping and my mind was spinning. He looked into my eyes and
whispered, "yes" and started rubbing the back of my neck with his
fingertips and planting another soft kiss on my cheek. We just stood there
arm in arm as I enjoyed the scent of his neck. The scent itself was also
something that made the moment that more electric.Suddenly, I was very aware that we were in the middle of loli bbs pics pthc the sidewalk in
public. I started getting paranoid that someone had seen us except he
convinced me that it was dark and no one was around.We walked all the way back to my house holding hands. It was the most
wonderful and fulfilling feeling to just have him there and to know that he
cared. His palms got hot and clamy and he would look at the ground as we
talked because he was getting nervous again. Except from the smile on his
face, you could see a huge burden was lifted by telling me what he had held
in for so long. I put my head on his shoulder as we headed into my house
and he held me tightly in his arms.
Want to find out what happens next? Comments? E-mail me at if you want to have the next chapter posted!
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